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Protect Our Manatees

Manatee harassment is defined in 68C-22.002 Florida Administrative Code as “any intentional or negligent act or omission which creates the likelihood of causing an injury to a manatee by annoying it to such an extent as to significantly disrupt normal behavioral patterns which include breeding, feeding or sheltering. The intentional provision of any type of food to manatees not in captivity shall be considered harassment under this definition, unless authorized by a valid federal or state permit."

How to help ensure a healthy future for Florida’s manatees:


-When boating and using personal watercraft, look for manatees near your vessel. 

-Watch manatees from a distance.

-Slow down and obey posted signs on the waterways.

-Participate in coastal cleanup events.

-Recycle monofilament fishing line. (Please do not discard in our waterways.  Find a link to Martin County fishing line recycling centers under "Protect our Birds.")

-Attend boating safety classes or take online courses from

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