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Martin Board of County Commissioners  (BOCC)

CLICK HERE to view BOCC Agendas and Minutes

CLICK HERE to view live and recorded BOCC meetings

To send an email all 5 county commissioners:

CLICK HERE to view a list of all County Commissioners and emails.



To make a public comment in person, participants must fill out a Request to Speak Form at the meeting and give it to the bailiff. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes for each public comment section. All public comments must comply with the BOCC's adopted Rules of Procedure.

  • The Request to Speak Form for general public comments must be submitted before the meeting begins.

  • The Request to Speak Form for individual agenda items must be submitted prior to the start of the public comments portion of that item.

2023 Meetings Dates

Unless otherwise indicated, meetings are Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m.

 in the Commission Chambers at 2401 SE Monterey Road in Stuart.

January 10 and 24

February 7 and 21

March 7 and 21

March 30 Joint Meeting with School Board, Blake Library

April 4 Regular and Capital Improvement Plan

April 18

May 9 and 30

June 6 and 20

June 15 Joint Meeting with School Board, Blake Library

July 11

July 17 and 18 Budget Workshops

August 8 and 22

September 12 and 26 Regular Meeting

Budget Public Hearings 5:05 p.m.

October 10 and 24

October 19 Joint Meeting with School Board, Blake Library

November 7 and 21

December 5 and 12

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Martin Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

The Martin MPO works to coordinate the improvement of all facets of the transportation network in Martin County.  This effort includes the monitoring and evaluation of existing conditions, the development of improvement strategies, the facilitation of meaningful public input, and the implementation of evaluated and funded strategies.


To create and maintain a safe, efficient and resilient multimodal transportation network to meet mobility and accessibility needs of Martin County’s residents and visitors, while preserving the environment, supporting economic growth and enhancing the quality of life.


Public comments guidelines are the same as those for the

Martin BOCC.

CLICK HERE to view MPO Agendas and Minutes

CLICK HERE to view live and recorded MPO meetings.

CLICK HERE to view a list of MPO Board members and emails.

2023 Meetings Dates

MPO meetings are generally held on the third Monday at 9:00 a.m.

in the BOCC Administration Center Commission Chambers

2401 SE Monterey Rd. in Stuart

February 27

April 17

May 15

June 19

September 18

October 23

December 11

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